Zeitschrift für Jugendpsychologie und Verhaltenswissenschaften


Causes of developmental disorder - a social perspective from communities in Ghana

Hilda Aboagyewaa Agyekum

Developmental disorder is a much delved into topic these days, with the scientist bringing out the medical cause of these disorders; there is also a need to look into what the society thinks about the disorder and its causes. Disability has been a part of human society and knowing the views people have about them is very important. This study aimed at bringing out what people in the Abelemkpe and Dzorwulu vicinity think are the causes of developmental disorder. The study focused on the sociological perspectives these participants have about the disorder. The study was developed from a qualitative methodology and used semi structured interview guides. Form the study it was brought to light that participants view developmental disorders to be spiritual conditions with spiritual causations. The study also brought out other causes of the disorder to be the mother’s negligence during pregnancy as well as other medical conditions that could lead to the disorder. The study brings out explanations for these themes. The research suggests that participants, both learned and unlearned participants’ believed developmental disorders have a spiritual causation though they had other factors they believed could cause the disorder. It was however noticed that participants that had tertiary education were more broadminded and knew more about developmental disorders and their causes.