Archives of Industrial Biotechnology


Developing water quality protection strategies and novel approaches to monitoring hydrological systems.

Ahmad Abdelal

The most crucial phase of a multi-barrier strategy to providing clean drinking water at a reasonable cost is Source Water Protection (SWP). However, due to administrative and technical difficulties, adopting SWP techniques can be a difficult undertaking. The use of decision support tools can be very beneficial and result in time and resource savings when implementing SWP tactics. In addition to discussing alternative formulations for water quality assessment at the source, this paper critically evaluates various SWP techniques for surface waters that are currently in use. Regulations governing source water quality in Canada and other nations are also covered. These rules usually refer to stormwater management ponds, vegetated filter strips, pollution control through efficient farming practises, and fencing. A platform for hydrological monitoring called HydroMon3 can interface with several types of sensors. Utilizing the current surge in commercially accessible IoT-related electronics modules is what inspired the modular design. More than 20 locations in two separate watersheds were equipped with HydroMon3- based stream stage and tipping bucket monitoring devices.