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Effects of Shenmai Zhusheye on Qi and Yin deficiency non-small cell lung cancer patients

Jun-Quan Zhu, Mei-Fei Sun, Guo-Ying Cai, Xin-Rong Li, Jian Qiu, Ju-Chao Wang, Shao-Cheng Lu, Zeng-Yun Liu

Background: The effects of Shenmai Zhusheye on the expression of B7, CD28 and CTL-4 (CD152) in Qi and Yin Deficiency non-small cell lung cancer patient is surveyed in this study.

Methods: 150 patients of Qi and Yin Deficiency non-small cell lung cancer are randomized into two groups with 75 patients in each group, the patients in control group is given symptomatic treatment, and the patients in treatment group is given symptomatic treatment plus Shenmai Zhusheye. Pre-treatment and post-treatment blood routine examination results, hepatic and renal function, and expression of CD4, CD8, CD28, CTLA-4 (CD152), B7(CD80, CD86) of the two group is compared respectively.

Results: No significant difference of blood routine examination results and hepatic and renal function between the two groups is observed after 15 d of treatment. Immune index between the two groups are comparable and no significant difference before treatment is observed; While post-treatment CD4, CD8, CD28 and CD152 of the two groups showed statistical difference (P<0.05); all results except CB86 show intra-group difference (P<0.05) in the treatment group and all results except CD28 show intra-group difference (P<0.05) in the control group.

Conclusions: Immune function of patient of deficiency of both QI and YIN type non-small cell lung cancer is improved by Shenmai Zhusheye.