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Role of cystathionine β synthase gene variant in Sudanese population

Taghreed Mohamed Osman Derar, Abdel Galil Mohamed Abdel Gader, Anwaar Ahmed Yousif Kordofani, Sami Habiballa Abdalla, Imran Ali Khan

Several studies showed the relation between renal and Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) with distinct genotypes. The current study aims to investigate the association with 844ins68 polymorphism on Cystathionine β-synthase (CβS) gene in renal and CVD with Sudanese population. In this pilot study, we have opted 150 cases from Khartoum state hospitals, Khartoum, Sudan. We have selected equally controls, renal and CVD (n=50). Peripheral blood was collected to perform the biochemical and molecular analysis. Genomic DNA was isolated to perform the polymerase chain reaction analysis. The current results showed the non-significant analysis with the combination of renal versus controls (OR-0.81 (0.31, 2.10); p=0.66) and CVD versus controls (OR-0.65 (0.26, 1.67); p=0.37). When we correlated renal samples and CVD cases with biochemical data and 844ins68, we found Vitamin B12, D, TP, URCA and Folic acid, cholesterol to be associated (p<0.05). In conclusion, our results confirm the role of the negative association of 844ins68 polymorphism in the Sudanese population. It may be due to low sample number, and future studies should be performed with larger sample size with multiple CβS gene SNPs in the world's people.