Zeitschrift für klinische und experimentelle Toxikologie


The preventive and curative role of Nigella sativa in poisoning cases.

Said Said Elshama

Nigella sativa was used in folk medicine as a promising medicinal plant from many years ago. Therapeutic efficacy of Nigella sativa is attributed to thymoquinone that has cytoprotective action. Thymoquinone is a potent antioxidant effect via the oxidizing agents reduction and antioxidant molecules induction. A lot of studies proved that Nigella sativa has an effective preventive and curative outcome in many intoxicated cases. Most of these studies showed that Nigella sativa has the ability to prevent or cure the serious toxic manifestations of common drugs including some chemotherapeutic drugs, antibiotics, and analgesics besides some chemicals such as insecticides, organic solvents, and toxic elements.