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A Rare Case of Mucocele of Pterygoid Plate

Sampath Kumar Singh, Satyakiran, Ashitha S Kabeer*

A mucocoele is an epithelial-lined, mucus-containing sac completely filling the sinus and capable of expansion. While they most frequently occur in the frontal and ethmoid sinuses, other locations like maxillary sinus, sphenoid sinus, dacrocyst are rare. While ophthalmologic symptoms are most common, patients also report rhinological or neurological complaints. The close proximity of paranasal sinus mucoceles to the orbit and skull base predisposes the patient to significant morbidity. Computed tomography displays a non-enhancing homogenous mass with expansion of bony walls. Magnetic resonance imaging reveals variable intensity of T1-weighted images and a hyperintense mass on T2-weighted images. Histopathologically mucoceles have features of respiratory mucosa with areas of reactive bone formation and hemorrhage. Surgical excision is the standard treatment with trends towards endoscopic techniques.