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Awareness about menstruation before its commencement: A cross-sectional study among female high school students in Asmara, Eritrea.

Idris Mohammed Idris, Samuel Wolday

Background: Menstruation is surrounded with a culture of silence in many parts of the developing countries; hence adolescents enter puberty unprepared and the information they get is often selective and surrounded by taboos. This study aimed at determining the awareness level of secondary school female students about menstruation and addressing the factors potentiating awareness. Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted among secondary school female students in selected high schools of Asmara from January to February 2017. Multi-stage sampling method was used to select 300 eligible respondents. A structured and pretested questionnaire was used to collect the data through interview. Data analysis was done using SPSS version 22. Descriptive results were summarized using frequencies and percentages in tables and graphs. Moreover, bivariate and multivariate logistic regression analysis was done to find out the association of awareness about menstruation and the predictor variables. Results: Majority of the participants (72.3%) had good level of awareness about menstruation. Participants who were living with both parents (AOR (95% CI):1.9 (0.68, 4.23), p=04), discussing the issue of menstruation normally at home (AOR (95% CI): 2.8 (0.98, 5.77), p=0.02) whose mothers’ were educated (AOR (95% CI):1.2 (0.45, 2.58), p=0.007), residing in Asmara and being from richer family ((AOR (95% CI):2.5 (1.08, 6.38), p=0.001)) had a significantly higher awareness about menstruation. Conclusion: The respondents had relatively good level of awareness about menstruation. Respondents where their mothers were educated, living with both parents, who discuss about menstruation freely at home, from richer family and permanent residents of Asmara were having a significantly higher level of awareness about menstruation. Provision of adequate knowledge on menstruation before menarche is needed at the family and school level.